Ernesto Workshop was established in 2005 in the old market of Fira city, the capital of Santorini. The idea was to create a unique style of design and craftsmanship that would differ from everything available in the art community of Santorini.
The concept of Ernesto is innovation and imagination. These two words are perfectly depicted on each and every object that is exhibited at Ernesto Gallery.

Ernesto workshop creates unique, handmade pieces of functional and decorative art made from genuine leather, natural wood, sterling silver, copper and other natural materials such as stones, pebbles and tree branches. The combination of carefully selected materials, our imagination and skillful handwork produces the objects displayed in our Gallery and from now on, in our permanent web based exhibition. We wish to certify that we have worked hard to capture a piece of our passion for handmade art into each and every object we create…

Ernesto Workshop, Santorini